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Capital: Berne
Large Cities: Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne
Languages: German, French, Italian and Romanic
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Franc

Location: Switzerland, a Confederation in Central Europe is a mountainous country, with the Alps covering 60% of the land area. The country is famous for its lakes. About one-fourth of the area is covered by mountains and glaciers.

History: Since 1291, Switzerland (called Helvetia in ancient times) has remained a completely independent country, and has not been involved in a foreign was since 1515. The president is elected to a nonrenewable one-year term. It is a multi-lingual state with most people speaking more than one language. It has 1.24 million foreign residents. In a referendum in 1986, the electorate voted against joining the UN. In 1971, women were given vote in federal elections and the right to hold federal office.

Switzerland joined (June 97) NATO's security cooperation pact called the Partnership for Peace. The Swiss terrain offers little scope for farming. Nearly half the nation's food has to be imported. Mountain slopes provide pasture for beef and dairy cattle.

Major Crops: Crops include grains, potatoes, sugar beets, vegetables, fruits and wine. Forests help by providing plenty of wood. From the earliest times, Switzerland has been famous for its cottage industries -high quality products but no large-scale production. Agricultural sector forms only 3.2% of GNP.

Industries: Swiss-made watches and clocks are famous the world over. Precision tools and machines form another specialized industry. Fabrics and lace are part of Switzerland's image. Other industries: Steel, textiles, food-stuffs (cheese, chocolate), chemicals, drugs, banking. The Engineering, electrical and metal industry accounts for 45% of total exports.

Minerals: Salt.

Economy: The availability of electric power in every cottage has fostered growth of all kinds of small industries throughout Switzerland. Domestic and international tourism are important factors in the Swiss economy. Of a total revenue of 22.4 billion Swiss Francs in 2001, 9.7 billion (or 43%) came from domestic tourism. Expenditure by foreign visitors in Switzerland added some 12.7 billion Swiss Francs (3% of the GDP). Switzerland is a leading world banking centre and the seat of many UN and other international agencies. The nation's strict bank-secrecy rules have been eased since 1990. Geneva was the headquarters of the League of Nations.

Swiss votes approved the modernization of the country's 125-year old constitution in April 1999. The new document enshrined new rights, including the right to strike.

Mission in India:
Embassy of Switzerland
Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi - 110 021, India
Tel: 91 - 11 - 2687 8372-74, 2687 8534
Fax: 91 - 11 - 2687 3093

Indian Mission in Switzerland:
Embassy of India
Kirchenfeldtrasse 28,Postfach 406,
CH-3000, Berne-6, Swtzerland
Tel: 00 - 41 - 31 - 3511110
Fax: 00 - 41 - 31 - 3511557
Email: india@spectraweb.ch

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