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Capital: Seoul
Large Cities: Pusan, Inchon
Languages: Korean
Religion: Buddhism, Christianity and Confucianism
Currency: Won

History: The republic of Korea, formally proclaimed on August 15, 1948, forms the southern part of the Korean peninsula. The period 1950-53 saw the Korean War, a tragic experience for the entire Korean people. In 1991, the prime ministers of North and South Korea signed a declaration of non-aggression and reconciliation.

Crops: Chief crops are rice, wheat, barley, potatoes and vegetables. Fish is both an export item and a soure of food. There are substantial coal deposits.

Minerals: Other minerals include iron, tungsten, graphite and fluorite.

Industry: South Korea has made big leaps in industry - textiles, electronics, steel, petrochemicals, ships and motor vehicles. Korean construction businesses are the most prolific in the word, and the nation ranks second in ship building, receiving orders amounting to 9.75 million gross tons (GT) for 208 ships in 2002.

Korea Tourism Organization - New Delhi Office
GR-03, Multiplex Bldg., Select City Walk
Saket District Centre
New Delhi - 110 017 India
Tel: 91 - 11 - 46095707

Indian Mission in Korea:
Embassy of India
37-3, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-ku,
C.P.O. Box 3466, Seoul
Tel: 00 - 82 - 2- 7984257, 7984268
Fax: 00 - 82 - 2 - 7969534, 79099378 (R)

Korea Tourism Organiztion - www.visitkorea.or.kr

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