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Capital: Dakar
Large Cities: Thies, Kaolack, St. Louis
Languages: French, Wolof and other native tongues
Religion: Islam and Tribal beliefs
Currency: CFA Franc

Location: Senegal lies on the West African bulge. Dakar, the capital, is the westernmost point in Africa.

History: Formerly a French colony, Senegal became a self-governing republic in 1960. Senegal was a one party state from 1966 to 1974, when a pluralist system was re-established. French political and economic influence is strong. In 1981, Senegal signed an agreement with the Gambia for a confederation of the two states under the name Senegambia. The confederation, established on February 1, 1982, was dissolved on September 21, 1989.

Crops & Minerals: Agriculture and livestock rearing are the chief occupations. Crops: Peanuts, millet, rice. There are large deposits of iron ore and phosphate.

Industry: Food processing, chemicals, textiles and fishing. A long drought brought famine in 1972-73 and in 1978. Abdoulaye Wade became President in March 2000, succeeding Abdou Diouf.

Mission in India:
Embassy of the Republic of Senegal
C-6/11, Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi - 110 057, India
Tel: 91 - 11 - 2614 7687
Fax: 91 - 11 - 2410 3743

Indian Mission in Senegal:
Embassy of India
5, Avenue Carde, First Floor
BP 398, Dakar, Senegal
Tel: 00 - 221 - 8225875, 8210979
Fax: 00 - 221 - 8223585
Email: indianemb@telecomplus.sn

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