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Capital: Yangoon (Rangoon)
Large Cities: Mandalay, Bassein
Languages: Burmese, Karen, Shan
Religion: Buddhism
Currency: Kyat

Location: Originally a part of British India, Union of Myanmar (Burma till May 1989) located between south and south-east Asia, on Bay of Bengal, became an independent country on January 4, 1948.

History: General Ne Win who ruled Burma with an iron hand for 26 years was forced out in popular uprising in mid 1988. The Armed Forces set up a State Law and Order Restoration council (SLORC). In June 1990, in the first free elections in 30 years, the National League for Democracy won by a big majority but the army was reluctant to hand over power. Aung San Suu Kyi, the leading opposition leader and winner of Nobel Peace Prize, was kept under house arrest from 1989-95. The ruling junta has been promising a new Constitution for nearly seven years now but nothing concrete has emerged. Suu Kyi's activities are restricted by the Government.

In 1987 UN bestowed the least developed country status on Burma, which was once the richest nation in SE Asia.

Myanmar jointed the regional group BISTEC (Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic Cooperation) in July 97 ASEAN admitted Myanmar as a member.

Agriculture: Known as the "Rice Bowl of the Far East", Myanmar also grows sugarcane, peanuts and beans.

Minerals: The chief minerals are petroleum, lead, tin, zinc, tungsten, copper, antimony, silver and gems. The rubies, sapphires and jade found in Myanmar are especially famous. Teakwood is exported.

Mission in India:
Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
3/50F, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi - 110 021.
Tel: 91-11-24678822/23
Tele Fax: 91-11-24678824
Email: myandeli@nda.vsnl.net.in
Web: Embassy of Myanmar in India

Indian Mission in Myanmar:
Embassy of India
No. 545-547, Merchant Street
Post Box No. 751, Yangoon, Myanmar
Tel: 00 - 95 - 1 - 240633, 243972, 282552
Fax: 00 - 95 - 1 - 254086, 250164

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