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Capital: Nouakchott
Large Cities: Nouadhibou, Kaedi
Languages: Arabic, French and Hassanya Arabic, Wolof, Pular and Soninke
Religion: Islam
Currency: Ouguiya

Location: The Islamic Republic of Mauritania is on the Atlantic coast of the West African bulge.

History: This former French overseas territory became autonomous in 1958 and fully independent on November 28, 1960. Opposition parties were legalized and a new constitution approved in 1991.

Mauritania signed a peace treaty with the Polisario Front in 1980, and renounced sovereignty over its share of Western Sahara. As much as 47% of the total area of the country is desert. The population is traditionally nomadic, rearing cattle and sheep.

Main Crops: Dates, grain. Fishing is important. Deposits of iron and copper are being exploited. Oil prospecting is going on.

Industry: Fish processing and iron mining.

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