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Capital: Dalap-Uliga-Darrit (on Majuro atoll)
Languages: Marshallese, English, Japanese and indigenous languages
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Dollar (US)

Location: The Republic of Marshall Islands consists of two island/ atoll chains, in the Pacific Ocean, the Ratak (sunrise) Chain and the Ralik (sunset) Chain, totaling 31 atolls. Each atoll is a cluster of several small islands circling a langoon. Kwajalein is the largest of the islets, which number about a hundred. The capital Majuro is about 3200 kms south-west of Honolulu. About 92% of the population are Marshallese, a Micronesian people.

History: Marshall Islands was a Trusteeship territory of the United States until October 1986. The Islands became a full U.N. member state in September 1991. The USA controls defence policy and provides financial support. Kwajalein, one of the main atolls in the western chain, is a U.S missile-testing range and air field.

Agriculture: Agriculture and tourism are mainstays. Crops: Coconuts, tomatoes, melons and bread fruit.

Minerals: Phosphate deposits are mined on Ailinglaplap atoll.

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