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Capital: Tbilisi (Tiflis)
Large Cities: Kutaisi, Batumi
Languages: Georgian, Russian
Religion: Christianity
Currency: The Lari

Location: Georgia, a former Soviet republic that became independent in December 1991, is bordered by the Black Sea, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Georgia has a fine climate and is known for its natural wealth, variety and beauty.

History: Georgia was admitted to the UN as the 179th member in July, 1992-the last of the former Soviet republics to join the world organization. It joined the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) early 1994. In Feb. 94, Georgia signed agreements with Russia for economic and military cooperation. Fighting between government forces and Abkhazian separatists was intense in 1993. In May 94, ceasefire agreement was signed. Georgia includes the Autonomous Republics of Abkhasia and Adjaria and the former Autonomous Region of South Ossetia.

Agriculture: Tea, citrus fruits, grapes grain, vegetables, potatoes, silk, tobacco, bamboo and eucalyptus.

Natural Resources: Manganese, coal, baryta, oil, marble, iron. Georgia has the largest manganese mines in the world.

Industry: Food processing, tea, brewery, textile, chemical fibres, paper and metallurgy.

Mission in India:
Honorary Consulate of Georgia
19 DDA, Community Centre
Zamrudpur, Kailash Colony Extn
New Delhi - 110 048, India
Tel: +91 - 11 - 26431015
Fax: +91 - 11 - 26447864
Email: georgiaconsulate@rediffmail.com

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