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Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary:

Although Tamil Nadu can boast of 6 Wildlife Sanctuaries - Mudumalai Sanctuary is the most popular with full roll call Indian wildlife.

Mudumalai is at the foot of the Nilgiris in the extreme northwestern tip of the State. It is the largest sanctuary in Tamil Nadu and is contiguous with Bandipur Sanctuary in the neighbouring Karnataka and Wynad Sanctuary in Kerala. Its main attractions are the herds of spotted deer, gaur (Indian bison), elephant, tiger, panther, wild pig, sloth bear and others, as well as crocodiles which live in the river.

Climere Wildlife Sanctuary:

Another important sanctuary is Climere Wildlife Sanctuary. Located on the east coast just south of Pondicherry territory of Karaikal, it is noted for congregations of black buck, spotted deer, wild pigs and vast flocks of migratory birds.

Anaimalai Wildlife Sanctuary:

Anaimalai is a Wildlife Sanctuary located in the mountains along the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border. It lies south of Coimbatore. Major wildlife attractions are tiger, panther, spotted deer, wild boar, bear etc. Nilgiri Tahir commonly known as Ibex can also be seen here.

Guindy Deer Park, Chennai:

There is a tiny wildlife sanctuary within the metropolitan boundaries of Chennai. It is Guindy Deer Park. This is the only place in the world where it is possible to see fairly large number of fast dwindling species of the Indian antelope (black buck). It has also other species of animal life, like the spotted deer.


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