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Serena Spa. . . a haven of peace & tranquility set against the ambience of natural beauty, for those who wish to relax, restore and rejuvenate, body mind and spirit.

A paradise filled with exotic aromas, essential oils, spice and floral fragrances, designed to enhance and optimise the total “mind - body experience”.

Take a time-out from life as you know it . . . Welcome to Serena Spa.


Times are constantly changing. The fast pace of the modern world spurred by advances in technology have reinterpreted the dimensions of time and space.

With advances in communication, travel and exchange of information, life has become more efficient, but also stressful and with less time for human care and interaction. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, people set high standards and have high expectations - with discerning tastes to match. They expect nothing but the best. Hotels and resorts are constantly developing to fulfil these expectations with increasing sophistication and attention to the individual needs of the guests.

In the modern traveller's quest for a human dimension in a hectic schedule, the spa - separately or as part of a resort or hotel - is becoming a must.

At Serena Spa we have developed the essence of individual guest attention, a pampering spa experience that highlights a healthy, natural and extremely enjoyable rejuvenation. Whether it is a simple spa with a selected few treatments or a complex set-up with exotic features and a wide array of spa services, Serena Spa has a complete solution for any hospitality organisation, large or small. With in-house design, training, product development, marketing and management capabilities Serena Spa can offer individual solutions from green field projects to complete spa management of existing facilities.

Treatments : Couples Massages, Facials, Vichy Shower, Firming, Cellulite, Whitening and Body Wraps, Salon Treatments

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Website : www.serenaspa.com

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