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Like Gujarati cuisine Gujarati handicrafts are unique. Handicrafts have been given a fillip by the Government and some private individuals.

Gujarat has also a rich tradition of high quality weaving and hand-block printing. Tie-and-dye fabrics are its greatest strength. In Ahmedabad, apart from the Government emporium, you can look for good shopping for nut-crackers, silver, wood, brass and other treasures in the tiny shops in the back streets.

Of course, fabrics are synonymous with Ahmedabad. For variety and prices, these are the best buys. At the top end of this filed are the Patola silk saris - extremely fine and quite expensive. They are still made by handful of master-craftsmen at Patan.

From Surat comes the zari or gold thread embroidery work. Surat is also a centre for silk saris. More mundane but still very beautiful are the block prints of Ahmedabad. From here, you can take along hand-painted cloth in traditional black, red, maroon and ochre colours. It is inexpensive too.

Jamnagar in Saurashtra is known for its woolen shawls, blankets and rugs. Wooden chests and traditional furniture are a great attraction. Gujarat State Emporium (Gurjari) or Handloom House - both at Ashram Road in Ahmedabad. Delhi too has a Gurjari Emporium.


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