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Moolsagar In Rajasthan

Picture a moonlit pleasure garden with flowers strewn on pathways and canopied stone pavilions. And amidst this, luxurious tents accessorised for royalty. This is Moolsagar. Comprising a garden, a Raj Mahal and step-wells, Moolsagar sits oasis-like in the desert. Moolsagar was once the summer retreat for the royal family of Jaisalmer. And like the kings and queens of yore, you can also stay in the Royal Camp that has been set up in the garden. With just the desert surrounding the camp, you are assured of complete privacy. Enjoy a meal in one of the stone pavilions or at the stepwell in the desert. After days spent fort-hopping and riding camel-back, relax in the isolation of the Moolsagar camp while local artists regale you with exuberant folk songs and dances.

Located 9 km from Jaisalmer For Bookings : 0291 2572321, Website : www.moolsagar.com


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