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Kot Kaladwas In Rajasthan

Rajput landlords traditionally maintained a rawla (small fortified palace) and a few kots (rest houses) in further reaches of their domains. Kot Kaladwas is one such rest house nestled in the low ranges of the Aravallis, around 10 k from Udaipur. The 15-acre grounds of the Kot have fields, temples and hill ranges. The original kot has been preserved, and like a number of traditional Rajasthani building, consists of a series of courtyards and rooftop terraces. Accommodation is in Swiss tents on the grounds of the Kot-each tent has its own covered verandah, the food is traditional Rajasthani, and painters from Udaipur who come across to the Kot will be more than happy to tell you about Rajasthani painting. Also possible: horse-and walking-safaris, and bird-watching trips in the nearby hills.

Located 10km from Udaipur. For Bookings : 0294 2650075, 9414168075.


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