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Devi Bhawan In Rajasthan

At this serene retreat, donít expect the ancient trappings of your classic heritage hotel. Jodhpurís Devi Bhawan melds the amenities of a modern hotel with an intimate sense of being a Rajput familyís guest.

The cottages are threaded amidst lush gardens; divided into garden rooms, bungalows and suites, each emphasizes the peaceful surrounds. No fussiness and ornate fittings here: each room is cleanly designed, its simple period furniture creating a minimal, spacious atmosphere. TVs, Internet, room service and massages-what more do you need? Lay out by the pool, lounge in the gazebo and take your meals out in the gardens; the beautiful lawns are the true highlight of this peaceful sanctuary.

Contact : 0291 Ė 2512215, Website : www.devibhawan.com


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