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Bijaipur In Rajasthan

At Castle Bijaipur, itís all about the views. Going the way of many ancient properties in Rajasthan, this 16th-century castle is now a hotel and offers a deliciously secluded retreat into history. The castle was once used to defend the Mewar empire against the invading Marathas and Mughals, and its imposing exterior is testament to its military past. Set along the Vindhyachal range, the property offers fabulous views of the valley, lake and surrounding village. And despite the castleís size, it only contains 22 bedrooms, each quite charmingly simple in design and amenities. You wonít find televisions or phones in any-this is a place that encourages peace and quiet. But although the castleís location and limited number of rooms give the impression of utter remoteness, itís actually quite close to Chittaurgarh, the former capital of Mewar. A range of activities are available from here, including horse safaris, jeep safaris, trekking and bird-watching.

Located 40 km from Chittaurgarh. For Bokkings : 01472-240099, 2435631, Website : www.castlebijaipur.com


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