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Ahichhatragarh Fort In Rajasthan

A walk through Ahichhatragarh (‘fort of the hooded cobra’) in Nagaur is like a stroll through history with its various power struggles and intrigues. Built between 1119 and 1121, the fort was a much-coveted prize for rulers as Nagaur was a strategic trade centre. Successive maharajas and sultans battled for control and each king made additions to the fort. Lucky for the visitor, who can see the Rajput-and Mughal-influenced palaces and buildings, temples and mosques along with carved baoris, gardens and a much admired water system, which used to recycle every drop of water. And it is in the shadow of this impressive fort that the annual Nagaur Cattle Fair is held. Reputed to be second largest cattle fair in India, the Nagaur Fair sees camel races, cock fights, tug-of-war and folk music and dance, apart from the main business of cattle trade.

Nagaur is 135km north of Jodhpur. The fort is open 9 am – 1pm, 2 – 5pm; The cattle fair is celebrated in January Or February Every Year


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