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Kansal and Nepli Forests in Chandigarh

Given its small size, the Union Territory of Chandigarh has an impressive 3, 245 hectares or 28.5 per cent of its area under forests. Two portions of this land in the UTís north-Kansal and Nepli-have been marked out as reserve forests with restricted entry. However, tourists may visit them with the permission of the Chief Wildlife Warden. There are rest houses inside the forests, where tourists can stay after obtaining permits from the same office.

The forests of Chandigarh abound in wild animals like antelopes, neelgai, hyenas, jackals and hare. Thereís also an 8-km trek along a fireline passing over three hillocks between Nepli Forest Lodge and Kansal Forest Lodge.

Kansal and Nepli Forests in Chandigarh


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