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The bleak and flat region you will visit now was probably once a riverbed. Perhaps the legendary Saraswati river or even the Indus cut Saurashtra off from the mainland. The strip is still known as Nal or stream.

The Dwaraka peninsula, which looks like a mango in map, is very sacred to Hindus. It was here that lord Krishna ruled with his capital at Dwaraka - a very important place of Hindu pilgrimage. It is believed that the original Dwaraka, which was an island, was submerged in the sea. Attempts are being made to rediscover the lost Dwaraka from the sea.

On the extreme western tip of Kathiawar peninsula, Dwaraka is one of the four holy places of the Hindus. It was here that lord Krishna set up his capital after his flight from Mathura. The present temple has a 5-storey spire supported by 60 columns.


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