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Capital: Bujumbura
Large Cities: Kitega
Languages: French and Kirundi
Religion: Tribal and Christianity
Currency: Burundi Franc

Location & History: The Republic of Burundi is a small state in east central Africa. Burundi attained independence on July 1, 1962. Prior to the independence it formed part of the Belgian-administered UN Trust Territory of Rwanda-Urundi.

People & Politics: The population consists of Hutu or Bahutu tribesmen (85%), Tutsi or Watutsi people and Twa or Batwa pygmies. One of Africa's poorest and most densely populated states, and scene one of the continent's worst tribal wars. An unsuccessful Hutu rebellion in 1972-73 left 10,000 Tutsi and 150, 000 Hutu dead. In the 1980s, a Tutsi-dominated regime pledged itself to ethnic reconciliation. In the first democratic presidential election in June 1993, a Hutu was elected. President Cyprien Ntaryamira, along with Rwandan counterpart, was assassinated in April 1994. Amnesty International puts the number killed in ethnic violence at over 100,000. Another 700,000 fled to neighbouring countries. In July 1996, a coup by the Tutsi-dominated army, Maj, Pierre Buyoyo, the minority Tutsi strongman, seized power from President Sylvester. Ethnic strife continued. In April 2003, a Hutu president D. Ndayizeye assumed power fighting continues.

Agriculture: The Economy is entirely agricultural, manioc and sweet potato being the important food crops and coffee the major cash crop (81% of exports).

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