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Capital: Yerevan
Other Large Cities: Kirovakan, Kumairi
Languages: Armenian
Religion: Christianity
Currency: The dram

A former Soviet republic, Armenia is bounded by Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran. Became independent in Dec.,1991.

History: Armenia has sought reunification with the Nagorna Karabakh autonomous region of neighbouring Azerbaijan. Soviet troops were sent to quell the ethnic civil war with Azerbaijan in Jan.,1990. Fighting between mostly Christian Armenia and Muslim Azerbaijan escalated in '92 and continued in '93 and '94. A ceasefire was announced in May,'94. An earthquake in Dec.,1998 killed 55,000 and left 500,000 homeless. Russia's staunch ally, Armenia signed a treaty in apr.'97 allowing Russia to operate military bases in Armenia for 25 years.

Important crops: Grains, potatoes, olive, almonds, grapes, cotton, dairy products. It is a mountainous country with very fertile soil and extensive irrigation.
Natural resources:> Natural resources: Copper, zinc, aluminium, molybdenum, marble, granite, cement.
Industry: Chemical, cement, textile, food industries, carpet-weaving.

Mission in India:
Embassy of the Republic of Armenia
E-1/20, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057.
Tel: 011 - 26147328, 26153031 Fax: 011 - 26147329.
E-mail: armemb@vsnl.com

Indian Mission in Armenia:
Embassy of India
50/2, Poinerakan Street, Yerevan - 375019
Tel: 00-374-1-539173, 538288
Fax: 00-374-1-533984.
E-mail: inemyr@arminco.com

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