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Capital: Buenos Aires
Large Cities: Cordoba,Rosario, La Plata, Mendoza
Languages: Spanish, Italian
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Peso

Location: Argentina, the second largest state in S.America, lies at the tip of South America extending to some 3700 kn from Bolivia to Cape Horn. Its maximum width is 1500 km. The highest peak in the Western hemisphere,Aconcagua, is in Argentina.

History: Argentina proclamied its independence in 1816. A military junta deposed Isabel Peron's government in 1972.Return to civilian rule in 1983. In 1982, Argentina lost the Falkland Island war to Britain.

Economy: Argentina abounds in deposits of coal,lead,copper,zinc,gold,silver,sulphur and oil.Meat packing is the chief industry,with flour milling coming second. Others are chemicals,textiles,machinery,motor vehicles,paper and consumer durables. Agriculture and animal husbandry form important segments of the economy.

Chief crops: Grain, maize, grapes, linseed, sugar, tobacco, rice, citrus fruits, livestock products. Argentina is the world's largest source of tannin.The capital is to be moved to the Patagonia region.

Visit Argentina - Ministry Of Tourism : www.turismo.gov.ar

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