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Other Large Cities: Huambo, Lubango
Languages: Portuguese, Bantu
Religion: Tribal and Christianity
Currency:Readjusted Kwanza

Angola, (formerly Portuguese West Africa), which lies in South West Africa on the Atlantic coast, became an independent state in 1975.

History: A 16-year Civil War ended in1991 but fighting between MPLA (People's Liberation Movement of Angola) and UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola) broke out again. Elections were held in 1992 but fighting continued into 1993 and 1994.A new peace treaty was signed in Nov.94 but little was gained. In August,'95, rebel (UNITA) leader Jonas Savimbi accepted the invitation to become Vice President in a coalition government to be formed after nearly two decades of civil war that devastated the country.

Apr.11,1997, saw a ceremony marking the end of the Angolan civil war that killed half a million people, and the formation of a national unity government. In march ,'98, Angolan govt. legalised UNITA. Another dead line was set for the final implementation of the Lusaka Protocol marking the end of the civil war in Angola. August saw signs of the country sliding back into old tribal and regional animosities. The UN ended its mission in Angola in March '99. Rebels captured most parts of the country. Jonas Savimbi, the UNITA leader, was killed in 2003.

Food & crops: Millet, maize, bananas and cassava. Cash crops: coffee, cotton, oil palm and sisal. Industries: textiles, brewing, cement, oil refining and sugar. Producing 700,000 barrels a day. Angola is the second largest oil-producer in sub-Saharan Africa (behind Nigeria). Angola produces about one-tenth of the world's gemstones. Exports: crude petroleum, coffee, diamond, iron ore, fish, sisal and timbers.

Mission in India:
Embassy of the republic of Angola
5/50F, Nyaya Marg
Chanakya puri, New Delhi-110 021
Tel: 26110701, 26882680
Fax: 26110701, 24673787
E-mail: xietuang@del2.vsnl.net.in
Consulate: Mumbai: Tel: 22851430/1457/6070, Fax: 22875467
E-mail: maria@bom3.vsnl.net.in

India Mission in Angola:
18A Rua Marques das Minus
Caixa Postal 6040, Maculusso
Luanda, Angola
Tel: (00 2442) 392281, 371089
Fax (00 2442) 371094 E-mail: indembluanda@ebonet.net

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